Generative AI platform for Enterprises

Power your applications and workflows with Bind AI

- Connect real-time data from your internal services
- Advanced AI Agents to automatically sequence your tasks.
- Private instance of Bind infra deployed for you.

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What can you do with Bind AI?

Power your experiences and workflows with LLM and 100+ plugins

E-commerce: AI search & product recommendations

Index your product catalogue and offer a natural language search experience, generate relevant product recommendations from hundreds of millions of entries.

Legal: Entity Recognition and text extraction

Create tools to query and get insights from millions of legal documents. Save days of manual work and speed up the legal analysis for your teams. Connect external legal data sources to your LLM.

Health care: Analyze patient data, medical records, create Assistant.

Use Bind for medical transcription, assisting your doctors or building Assistant to help your patients. Securely store customer information.

HR: Job recommendations & Resume parsing

Index your job listings, parse resumes, enhance with information from the web.

Developers: Assistant for API documentation

Build assistant to speed up your product integration for your customers

Extract server logs, security logs and more..

Extract threats, patterns, meaningful information from server logs.

Create AI-native Experiences & Workflows

Create your own
Embedded AI Assistant

Build your own chatGPT customized to provide factual answers based on your specific use case and internal data. 
Easily embed in your existing product.

Integrate Custom LLM APIs
in your workflows

Create a custom REST API which uses your prompt template, tools and embeddings. Easily integrate in your product experiences, productivity tools and workflows.

Rapidly A/B test your LLM applications.

Connect your internal data for personalized responses

Get up and running quickly and deploy your applications.

  • Leverage Text, Image, Voice, Multimodal models
  • Push data from any sources
  • Get factual responses from your LLM applications
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LLM Playground to create and test responses in real-time

Dedicated environment to rapidly test and optimize your LLM configuration

  • Test with prompt template, prompt scenarios, user inputs
  • Use multiple models and advanced model settings
  • View LLM agent reasoning, context used for each query
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Bind's Plugins Marketplace

Automatically connect third-party data and services to build smart applications and workflows

Real-time factual information & actions with 3rd party plugins

Power your LLMs with abilities such as internet search, news, stocks, math calculations and much more!

  • Use plugins marketplace to easily connect services with your LLM application
  • Define LLM agents to automatically use relevant plugins
  • Go beyond simple applications, trigger actions such as "get flight search results", "initiate fedex package shipping"
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Private Instance of Bind AI for Enterprises

Deploy a private instance of Bind with hosted models, infrastructure and LLM application development playground. Access multiple models including Mistral AI, LLaMA-2 and others.

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