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AI-assistant designed for Productivity

Access GPT-4o, Claude 3 Opus and 10+ LLMs in a single interface.

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AI-powered Web Search

Deeply researched responses with information from multiple sources

Research done for you

Bind AI is connected to real-time web, and provides responses with citations and multiple sources. (Demo)
Generate well researched articles, market analysis, technical documentation and other insights.

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Advanced Generative AI models

Access the latest, most advanced models, including GPT-4o, Claude-3 Opus, Mistral, Command R+
Get Context window up to 200K tokens, which means you can paste up to 500 pages of text, and ask questions.

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Built-in Code Assistant

Generate code that works.

Using advanced LLM models, Bind AI enables you to generate functioning code, and use the Code Editor to fully draft your code by researching side-by-side. Advanced models such as GPT-4o, Claude 3 Opus are up to 1.5X more accurate and performant with code generation.

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Unlock advanced AI with a Premium subscription.

Dramatically accelerate your productivity with Bind AI.


AI Assistant for general use
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  • Access to GPT 3.5, Claude Haiku, Command R
  • Limited Queries: 50/day
  • Basic Web Search: Up to 500 queries/month
  • Limited access to Canvas Editor


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  • Private and secure data instance
  • Enterprise SAML and SSO
  • Connect Enterprise Data and Knowledge base
  • Fine-tuned LLM models